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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Penelope Pumpkin Lady - Victorian Pumpkin Art Doll - New Handmade Doll and E-Pattern

Penelope Pumpkin Lady is just the sweetest pumpkin lady you'd ever want to meet. She's very refined and loves dressing in her finest Victorian outfit and sipping English Breakfast Tea with scones. For her life doesn't get any better than that.

Penelope's pumpkin friends get angry at her because she doesn't spend any time in the pumpkin patch with them. She tries to explain to them that the pumpkin patch is not a place for a refined lady, especially one wearing her finest Victorian outfit. And, the bonnet - well, there's no way she'd wear that in the pumpkin patch. So, she tries to coax her friends into having tea and scones with her. It's not an easy sell as they like being outside in the pumpkin patch and hope that Penelope will one day come to her pumpkin senses and join them. They've got their fingers or should I say stems crossed.

Penelope Pumpkin Lady is a 19" cloth pumpkin head lady doll with a beautifully embroidered round head and self-sitting square bottom body.  Her orange pumpkin hands and feet match her orange body and round orange head.  Her beautiful pumpkin head is outlined and indented with dark brown floss to create the affect of a pumpkin. She's wearing black boots that are criss-crossed with embroidery floss for laces.

She is wearing eyelet lace trimmed bloomers gathered at the waist and upper calf.  Her multi-colored dress coordinates beautifully with her large eyelet lace trimmed lined bonnet with gathered lace trim, silk floral, and ribbon decorative accents.

Her beautiful dress skirt matches the outside of her bonnet and her dress bodice matches the lining of her bonnet.  Her dress has a beautiful eyelet lace trimmed dress insert and eyelet lace and ribbon trimmed dress sleeves.  It is gathered at the neck and waist and has 3 accent buttons on the dress insert and a wide ribbon wrapped around the waist and tied in a bow in the front.

Her beautiful coordinating jacket is eyelet lace and ribbon trimmed along all the edges and the sleeves and is fastened together with a beautiful ribbon and bead floral decoration.

Penelope is as Victorian and refined as a pumpkin can be.  She just wishes her pumpkin friends would join her for afternoon tea.  Perhaps one day they will.  She's hoping.

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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