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Monday, March 6, 2017

Gotta Love Doll Histories Free E-Books - Part 1 - Part 4

Besides being a lover of victorian dolls and genealogy I also love history - especially doll histories. Being a lover of doll histories prompted me to write all the doll history posts on my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions, The Victorian Era and Me blog.

I thought if you were as interested in doll histories as I am you'd like an easier way to read all my dol history posts.  So, I created .PDF's for all of my posts.  In all there are 4 different .pdf's each with up to 50 pages.  If you would like to download my "Gotta Love Doll Histories Part 1 - Part 4 just click on the pictures or titles below:

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The Bangwell Putt Rag Doll
The Molly Brinkerhoff Doll 
The White House Doll
Apple Head Dolls
Penny Wooden or Peg Wooden Dolls 
Wishbone Dolls
Early American Wooden Dolls By Joel Ellis 
Tuck Comb Wooden Dolls
Grodnertal Tuck Comb Wooden Peddler Dolls 
Grodnertal Wooden Costume Dolls
Beautiful Peddler or Pedlar Dolls 
William F. Goodwin Patent Walking Doll 
Dolls From The Index of American Design at National Gallery Of Art
Shell Dolls 
Frozen Charlotte Dolls 

Copyright © 2004-2017- All Rights Reserved - Written by By Linda Walsh

Clay Pipe Dolls 
Roxanna Elizabeth McGee Cole's Dolls
Wooden Spoon Dolls and More 
Bartholomew's Babies 
Carved Nut Dolls 
Clothespin Dolls
Miss Columbia and the Columbian Rag Doll 
Pioneer & Prairie Dolls, Rag Dolls, Appalachian Dolls, Wagon Train Dolls, Table Cloth Dolls, Pillowcase Dolls, Handkerchief & Prayer Dolls, Folk Art Dolls 
Quaker Dolls 

Copyright © 2004-2017- All Rights Reserved - Written by By Linda Walsh

 Missionary Rag Babies 
China Head Dolls 
Babyland Rag Dolls With Painted Faces and Lithograph Faces
Wax Dolls, Montanari and Pierotti Dolls 
Polly Heckewelder Moravian Rag Dolls 
First Presbyterian Church Rag Dolls 
Izannah Walker Dolls
Papier-Mâché Dolls
Milliner's Models Dolls 
Boudoir Dolls 
17th, 18th and 19th Century Wardrobe or Trousseau Dolls
Topsy-Turvy Dolls - Two In One 

Copyright © 2004-2017- All Rights Reserved - Written by By Linda Walsh

The Maggie Bessie Cloth Doll
17th, 18th, and 19th Century Wooden Dolls
For The Love Of Rococo Dolls 
Hitty Dolls 
The Beautiful Collection of Fashion Dolls At The Strong National 
Museum of Play
How Wonderful! I Heard From A Descendant of Roxanna Cole - Hilarie Johnston
The French Doll Fashion Collection At The MET
The Innu Tea Doll

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