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Friday, August 18, 2017

What's Fair Is Fair! What About Me! It's All About "Debra!"

In my household you can't showcase any one particular doll without causing some kind of resentment by another doll.

This time my "Debra", you know the pain in the...., doll that I created and named after my baby sister was annoyed by yesterday's post about "My Favorite Victorian Doll."

She feels that if I'm going to mention her that I should at least show some pictures of her, too.

Well, I really can't come up with a rationale for not doing so. She is right. I did mention her in my post and I probably should have shown some pictures.

So, to appease "Debra" I'll give in and post about her here. You know, it seems to me that I used to have to appease my baby sister a lot, too. Boy, Debra really is like her namesake.

So, here we go. It's all about "Debra."

“Debra”is named after my baby sister. She is a 27” free-standing faceless Victorian doll that I designed for my "other Victorians" e-patterns and is wearing a 1853 walking dress.

Debra just loves to stroll the parks in the afternoon showing off her beautiful outfit. It is very pretty to look at with it's blue and white combination.

Blue, of course, is her favorite color. Surprise! Surprise! That also happens to be her namesakes favorite color, too. She, too, loves to stroll the parks .... just kidding, Sis.

Back to Debra - the doll. She has a fancy lace and ruffled trim lined faux suede blue jacket with double stand-up collar and mid-length gathered and lace decorated sleeves. Her jacket is also decorated along all the edges with white lace trim - inside and outside. The outside is flat white lace while the inside is gathered white colored lace that hangs down below the bottom hemline. The jacket is waistline length and ties in the front with two sets of white ribbons.

Her dress is bi-colored with the upper and second overskirt tier being white and the bottom and first overskirt tier being a blue print fabric. The dress sleeves are gathered and the sleeve cuff is the same fabric as the lower part of the dress. The lower part of the dress is three tiered with two overskirts. The top overshirt and second overskirt tier are each decorated with gathered white lace along the edges and flat white lace just above that. Each overskirt tier is gathered at the waistline and the second overskirt tier is also gathered up the front center line and back center line. There is 4Th level of gathered lace around the waistline of the dress.

She has a very fancy multiple-tiered gathered white and blue lace & floral trimmed lined hat covered with white silk flowers all along the top of the hat. The front inside of the hat is covered with several layers of tulle. Wired ribbon is sewn to the inside of the hat and is used to secure the hat to the head. The wired ribbon is tied under her neck in a large bow just to the left of her chin.

Her curly dark brown hair is gathered along the front sides of her face and covered by her beautiful floral hat.

She also has a lace trimmed slip underneath her dress. One of my sister-in-laws Mother's old white colored lace scarf is draped around her shoulders as a shawl.

Her arms are wire-shaped and covered and she is wearing lace gloves. She also has a fabric covered head and covered square wood base. Her inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered with fabric and lace. She is stuffed with a ton of old bits of fabric to mimic some of the dolls of old days.

I would have to say that my "Debra" doll was probably the most difficult for me to make.  She was defintely a challenge.

Hmmm...If you're looking for a challenge "Debra" would give you one. Hmmm... That last statement could apply to my baby sister, too.

If you want a challenge try debating my baby sister or even arguing with her. She always has good, logical arguments. It's always a challenge.

Now how would I know that? We never fight or get into an argument. At least, we don't since we both grew up. When we were kids - that's another story. If you have a sister and shared a room with her as a kid you know how that goes.

But, that was then and this is now. I may just have to give in to my baby sister and let her have her namesake doll.

Hmmm.... Nah! No way! Give in to my baby sister! Nah!!

What am I still 10 years old?

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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