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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Lost My Head! Abraham, The Headless Horseman! - Victorian Doll

"I Lost My Head! Abraham" could hardly wait for his Victorian debut. He was just dying to show you his extremely coordinated Victorian outfit - amongst other things he was dying to show you. Like his heads!!!!!  Why, he didn't even get any blood on his outfit? Now, that's gentlemanly - don't you think?

What's the problem? Are the heads throwing you off? Actually, Abraham otherwise know as the "Headless horseman" is quite the Victorian gentleman.

He always dresses in his Victorian best. He's always coordinated. And, he's always the PERFECT gentleman. Except when he can't find "Ichabod Crane!" Then he gets - well, a little nasty.

You'd think "Ichabod Crane" would make it easy on him. Oh, no! He has to see a therapist who's trying to help him overcome his fears of the "headless horseman." Now how's Abraham supposed to do his job if Ichabod manages to overcome his fears?

"I Lost My head! Abraham, The Headless Horseman!" is a 14" Victorian Horseman doll. Abraham is a self-standing horseman cloth doll - albeit without a head!

He is wearing a multi layered lace trimmed shirt with lace trimmed sleeves and coordinating lace trimmed ascot. His cummerbund is a wide gold trimmed ribbon. His brown corduroy jacket is lined and top stitched with rolled cuffs and folded back lapels with buttons. He's also sporting a lined black cape.

Abraham is carrying the heads of two of his latest victims in his left hand and his favorite ax in his right hand. He just wants to show them to Ichabod Crane. Now why can't he find him?

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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