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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ichabod, I'm Not Afraid Of You Crane - Victorian Gentleman Doll

"Ichabod - I'm Not Afraid Of You Crane!" is hoping that by being very forthright and honest about his fears that he can enlist every one's help in getting over his fear of the dreaded "Headless Horseman." He is so tired and just wants to get a good night's sleep and hasn't been able to do that in so very, very long.

You see, he's been afraid of the "headless horseman" for hundreds of years and figures that it's time he got over that. It's time he was able to get a good night's sleep without having nightmares about the "headless horseman" chopping off his head. He's hoping that with your help he'll finally be able to conquer and overcome his fears.

So, with the help of his therapist he decided that he should confront the "headless horseman" and let him know that he's no longer afraid of him. He can't invade his dreams anymore and can't try to scare him to death. And, if he tells him that and you tell him that then, maybe, Ichabod can get a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, the one night he tried to confront the headless horseman on his own he awoke to find the tombstone and pumpkins at the foot of his bed. YIKES! "Here lies the body of Ichabod Crane - never to be seen AGAIN!" YIKES! How is Ichabod ever to get over his fear?

"Ichabod - I'm Not Afraid Of You Crane!!" is a 16" Victorian gentleman doll. "Ichabod - I'm Not Afraid Of You Crane!" is a self standing cloth doll. He has an embroidered and watercolor pencil painted face. He is wearing a brushed black denim outfit with a coordinated and multiple lace trimmed shirt with lace trimmed sleeves and cummerbund.

He's wearing an olive colored felt vest with button and lace trimmed coordinating black check ascot. His brushed black denim jacket is lined with coordinating black check fabric, is top stitched, has rolled cuff sleeves, and two buttons. He's also sporting a lined and coordinating top hat and fringed flannel scarf. He has a full head of curly gray mohair hair. He is very refined and Victorian like.

At the bottom of Ichabod's body is a tombstone inscribed with "Here Lies The Body of Ichabod Crane - Never To Be Seen Again!" His tombstone is surrounded by plastic pumpkins and fall floral leaves.

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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