I have loved dolls, history, and the Victorian Era since I was little and can credit my grandmother for that. As a young girl she gave me a Godey’s Fashion print for August 1870 from my great, great Aunt Flossie. I was captivated by the dresses and became hooked. I just love to research everything and anything about the Victorian Era. I also love to design Victorian dolls. I hope you enjoy my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions,The Victorian Era, and Me blog.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Be Very Afraid, Dennis! Victorian Ghost Doll

If you've never seen a proper and dignified, gentleman ghost get ready for "Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" He's every bit the Victorian ghost that be seems.

But, be very afraid! Hmmmm..... I don't think so. You see, you don't have to be afraid of him because he's not terrifying or nasty. No! No! No! It's more like - be very afraid because he'll try to charm the socks off of you.

And, once he's charmed you - well, you're his! And, then, maybe you should be very afraid!

He's a charmer, he's a gentleman, and he's very much a proper Victorian. So what if he's a ghost? That doesn't mean anything. Or does it? Be very afraid! Don't be very afraid! Be charmed! Hmmmmm......

"Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" is a 14" Victorian ghost doll. "Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" is a self-standing ghost cloth doll. He has an embroidered and watercolor pencil painted face. He is wearing a coordinated Victorian outfit. He has a black shirt with a coordinating black lace trimmed ascot, a lined and coordinating vest with a button and lapels.

His ghostly jacket is lined and coordinates with his lined vest and is top stitched with flaps, lapels, collar and cuffs. He's also sporting a lined and coordinating top hat. He's wearing his top hat slightly to the right hand side of his head so you can see his wonderful, ghostly head. You see, he thinks that's his best asset.

In fact, "Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" thinks he's got lots of assets and is down right dapper. "Dapper Dennis!" Hmmmm...... I don't know about that.

I still think it's smart to warn everyone - "Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" is on the loose and might just try to charm you. I hope you like "Be Very Afraid, Dennis!" You didn't let him charm you - did you?

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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