I have loved dolls, history, and the Victorian Era since I was little and can credit my grandmother for that. As a young girl she gave me a Godey’s Fashion print for August 1870 from my great, great Aunt Flossie. I was captivated by the dresses and became hooked. I just love to research everything and anything about the Victorian Era. I also love to design Victorian dolls. I hope you enjoy my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions,The Victorian Era, and Me blog.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bearly Victorian, Ryan! and Barely Victorian, Deb!

"Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" have decided to start their own "Victorian Animals Tea Society" for all their wonderful Victorian animal friends.

After getting rejected for the umpteenth time from the latest Victorian tea society that he had applied to "Barely Victorian, Ryan!" decided that he and his wife should start their own club.

Their club would truly have an open membership and be accepting of all individuals and creatures. None of this "open to all", but really closed to animals rules. So what if Ryan and Deb were bears. They were still Victorian to the core. In fact, their lineage was probably older than some of the snooty Victorians who turned down their membership application.

Only one way around - start your own club! So, "Bearly Victorian, Ryan!" and "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" did. If there's anything Ryan and Deb can't stand it's "hoity-toity" attitudes. In their minds - everyone is created equal whether they're a human or an animal. Bears or humans - what's the difference? Nothing as far as Ryan and Deb are concerned. They're just as Victorian as anyone else.

However, don't let their names fool you. Ryan and Deb are anything but "barely Victorian!" Both Ryan and Deb are Victorian blue bloods. In fact, Ryan's lineage dates back "before the dawn of man!"

Ryan considers himself to be the epitome of the classy Victorian gentleman. He has the right attitude, the right demeanor, the right clothes, the right walk, the right taste in wine. Why, he can talk the talk and walk the walk with the best of the Victorian gentleman.

Deb considers herself to be at the top of her class. She is refined, elegant, stylish, well mannered, well educated, and proper at all times. She is a "true lady" in all sense of the word.

"Bearly Victorian, Ryan!" is a 15" Victorian bear. He is a self standing doll with a square bottom and plush felt body. His face is embroidered and he has black bead eyes and an animal nose.

Ryan is wearing his favorite blue shirt with stand-up collar and buttons. One of his favorite ties is wrapped around his neck. His blue check tweed jacket with a collar and lapels is lined and top stitched. Two wonderful blue buttons are used to fasten his jacket shut. Ryan's lined top hat sits beautifully atop his head and matches his lined jacket.

"Bearly Victorian, Ryan!" is quite the debonair. He knows it. Why don't they?

"Bearly Victorian, Deb!" is a 13" Victorian bear. She is a self standing doll with a square bottom and plush felt body. Her face is embroidered and she has black bead eyes and an animal nose.

Deb has 3 layers of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a lace trimmed and gathered slip. Her beautiful coordinating ensemble is the latest in Victorian fashion. Her dress has multiple layers of lace trim along the sleeve hem and bottom hem and is gathered at the neck edge.

Her matching wrap is lined and lace trimmed and overlaps wonderfully in the front and decorated with a bow. She has a lined and coordinating lace trimmed cape fastened around her neck and shoulders. Deb's beautifully matching lined and lace trimmed flannel bonnet adorns her head and is tied in a bow around her neck. A lace bow decorates the front of her bonnet.

"Bearly Victorian, Deb!" is quite the fashionable lady. She knows it. Why don't they?

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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