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Friday, December 12, 2014

Reminded How Much I Love My Victorian Village Cross-Stitch

In putting my Christmas decorations out this year I had decided to put my Victorian Village cross-stitch shadow boxes on the mantle in my dining room next to the two nutcrackers and one snowman nutcracker.

In setting them up I was reminded about how beautiful the cross-stitch design was and how beautiful they looked in the shadow boxes my younger brother have made for me and which I had sponge painted.

My Victorian house village was created based upon a Dimensions cross-stitch Gold Collection kit called "Christmas Village Ornaments." It was supposed to be a series of Victorian house ornaments with a cross-stitch front and felt cloth back outlined with a braided gold band.

However, I didn't make my Victorian village as cloth ornaments. Instead, I enlisted the help of my younger brother to create wood shadowboxes that I painted with a blue/white/green sponge affect.

I had purchased this kit with the thought of giving the finished projects as Christmas gifts several years ago.

However, like everything else I create cross-stitch I tend to fall in love with the finished products. Some more so than others. Some so much so that, sometimes, I selfishly decide to keep them for myself and my home decor. Okay, to be honest, make that many times.

However, it's not always my fault. Sometimes it's hubbies fault. He, too, tends to fall in love with some of my creations and doesn't want to give them away. So, I guess I'll have to thank hubby for convincing me to keep the Victorian Village.

Now if you really believe I kept the Victorian Village just because hubby loved them and not because they had something to do with the Victorian era I have a bridge I could sell you.....

A fabulous blue house....

A traditional Victorian pink lady......

A bakery.....

A church.....

Rudolph's tree farm....

and, Kringle's toy store.

You would keep them too - wouldn't you?

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