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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gotta Love Good Housekeeping Vintage Covers

I don't know if my Great Grandmothers and Great Great Grandmothers subscribed to Good Housekeeping back in the early years of the magazine.  I know both my Mother and my Grandmother on my mother's side did for many, many years.  As a child I can remember flipping through the pages looking at all the pictures.

So when I stumbled upon the Good Housekeeping Vintage Cover Gallery I couldn't help but show you some of the cover I love.

I just love the cover above from the February 1918 issue of Good Housekeeping and the November 1921 issue. Every time I look at them I think of my sister and I. How sweet are they?

The cover below from March 1920 is also a favorite of mine. Now I wonder why that is? Could it be a little girl sewing?

Then again the cover from August 1922 could also be a sentimental favorite.  A little girl and her beloved dog at the beach.

Then with my love of reading I could easily go with the February 1920 cover as a favorite.

Then again my sister and I could select the June 1927 cover as a sentimental favorite.  We both love beautiful flowers.
Then again who could resist the Good Housekeeping cover from March 1925 featuring a little girl and her grandmother. Reminds me of the times I sat in my grandmother's lap while she rocked and read me a book. Of course, for me it was two decades later between 1957 and 1960. Still.....

Gotta love Good Housekeeping vintage covers.

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