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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Victorian Graphics My Sister-In-Law Would Love

I just love Victorian dolls and also happen to love Victorian graphics. One of my favorite graphics websites to visit is The Graphics Fairy by Karen Watson. She posts the most beautiful and adorable Victorian graphics you'd ever want to see. I just LOVE visiting her blog so I thought I'd show you a few of the Victorian graphics on her website that my sister-in-law would just LOVE.

You see, my sister-in-law is a dog lover and a bird lover. In fact, she's an animal lover. But, she's also a Victorian doll lover and has quite a few (make that many) of my handmade Victorian dolls. They're all showcased in a curio that my brother made for her and all along the headboard of their bed which my brother also made.

I know she'd love all the graphics in this post and hope she enjoys seeing them

Here's Karen's terms of use:

I have to confess I have a paper addiction! I've decided to share many pieces from my huge collection of vintage and antique paper items here on my site. Selections will include old wallpaper, early photos, advertising pieces, Victoriana scraps, and other assorted ephemera. These images are suitable to use in your collages, for scrapbooking, or as clip art for web design etc and they are free!

The Graphics Fairy is an angel company. Which means you can use these images to make a product that you intend to sell. There are a few rules though so please read below:

1. The graphics are free however you may not use more than 4 of the clip art images in any single product.
2. In order to use these lovely visuals you will need to save them to your computer. In order to do this first- click on the item that you would like (this will open a window with a much larger image) second - right click the larger image and select "save as" in the pop up box, and then click the save button in the lower right hand corner of the box.
3. Do not link directly to the images.
4. If you use these on your blog, website etc. Please include a link back to this site.
5. Have fun!

Please respect Karen's TERMS OF USE: - The Graphics Fairy is an Angel Company. You are free to use all clip art and photos, with the exception of the banner, in any of your projects created for resale or pleasure. Please do not use more than 4 of the graphic images within any one project, or single blog/website page. A link to the Graphics Fairy is very much appreciated, when including clipart on your blog or website. Thank you!

Copyright © 2007 - 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Karen Watson. Karen is the owner of The Graphics Fairy/ and Fleurish a brick and mortar store located in Leesburg, Virginia that specializes in well priced vintage furniture, stylish lamps, Italian paper products, and French glassware.

Graphics courtesy of Karen Watson of The Graphics Fairy

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