I have loved dolls, history, and the Victorian Era since I was little and can credit my grandmother for that. As a young girl she gave me a Godey’s Fashion print for August 1870 from my great, great Aunt Flossie. I was captivated by the dresses and became hooked. I just love to research everything and anything about the Victorian Era. I also love to design Victorian dolls. I hope you enjoy my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions,The Victorian Era, and Me blog.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Love of Genealogy and Dolls

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoy reading my BLOG. Everyone who knows me knows that I have always LOVED dolls, sewing, genealogy, and floral design since I was about 10 years old. I was always making my own clothes (you can never have enough), collecting or making dolls (you can never have enough), creating floral centerpieces (every holiday table needs one), creating Christmas decorations (you can never have too many) and researching my family genealogical tree (the past is vital to who we are today). So, I was so happy when I decided to start my own webpage which allowed me to combine my love of dolls, sewing, crafts, florals, and genealogy all into one.

My passion is for the fashions of the Victorian Era and I have to credit my grandmother for that. When I was knee-high she gave me a very old print of Godey's Fashions for August 1870 that belonged to my great, great Aunt Flossie (the first female in my family to graduate from college). I was captivated with the dresses and forever hooked. The picture at the top of this post is the Godey's print.

Since I have also been a genealogy buff all my life, I wanted to find a way to honor my family's ancestors and relatives. I decided to name my patterns after them as a way to show that they haven't been forgotten. Hopefully, those who have gone before us are looking down and smiling.

There is a story behind each of the names chosen and why that particular doll which I hope to share with all of you over time. Please come back and visit from time to time and read some of my posts and to catch up on the news and/or events of my life. The little girl that is seen in all my banners is from the 1870 Godey print above. She is also what I use for my avatar in the doll forums that I belong to. Isn't she just adorable!!!!

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