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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zacheus At Play - Handmade Colonial Boy Doll

I love "faceless" dolls as I believe that without their faces the doll's personality can speak for itself. You tend to look at the whole doll for her beauty versus just looking at her face. There is a quiet beauty to "faceless" dolls and despite being male "Zacheus At Play" is one of those quiet beauties.

He is new doll from our "faceless" colonial boys & girls series. He and his sister, "Ursula At Play!" along with his sister's best girlfriend, "Rebecca" are a tight knit group of boys and girls. They are all "faceless" colonial beauties who just love hanging out together.

Rebecca is the most dignified of the group and the most studious. Ursula and Zacheus are much more playful and love to tease each other as only "brothers & sisters" can.They pay attention to their studies, but when their done - well, they just love to play. And, play - well Zacheus can play with the best of them. 

"Zacheus At Play!" is a 12" Colonial "faceless" cloth doll with muslin body and blushed cheeks . His boots are painted black and cross-laced. Zacheus has a mass of straight reddish brown mohair hair all over his head.

His printed sleeveless shirt has a center front lace strip and is gathered at the neck and he is wearing a matching suit. His pantaloons are lace trimmed along the bottom hem edge and gathered at the waist.

His lined and coordinated two section jacket has two-toned lined over sleeves and lace trimmed sleeves that are both gathered at the shoulder. The jacket top is lined and the jacket bottom is lined and gathered at the waist. It also has lace trim along the neck, front, and bottom edges and is fastened in the front with an antique button. The sleeves of the jacket are gathered at the wrist.

Zacheus also pays close attention to his studies and is very mindful of his duties. However, when he gets a chance to play he really likes to do so. And, even his frilly outfit, won't stop him from doing so. He is a rambunctious and playful Colonial boy after all.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals.

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