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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Janice Nightingale - She's Always There For You! - New Victorian Nurse Doll

"Janice Nightingale - She's Always There For You!" is one of the members of the "Nurse Series" of cloth dolls and they are all getting ready for the "Emergency Worldwide Disaster Drill."

You see, you can never be prepared enough for a natural disaster or disaster of any nature - even a global one. So, they like nurses all over the world are all getting ready to do whatever is required of their nursing position during the drill.

They all took an oath to save lives and that is what they all intend to do. But, they and we all know that their jobs aren't just about saving lives - their jobs also entail caring for the patients, encouraging the patients, and teaching the patients how to care for themselves.

Nurses are vital to the health care profession and anyone who has even been in a hospital anywhere in the world knows that hospitals cannot function with nurses. They are the heart and soul of any hospital and heart and soul of the health care profession.

So, the nurses are getting ready. I have no doubt they will be. No matter where in the world they are.

"Janice Nightingale - She's Always There For You!" is a 14" primitive squared bottomed self-standing cloth nurse doll. She has a muslin body and embroidered face with black sunken and satin stitched eyes, brown water colored eyelids, embroidered nose, and an embroidered mouth. Her eyebrows are embroidered as are her eyelashes and she has bright rust blushed cheeks. Her wired reading glasses sit on the lower part of her nose.

Janice has a mass of auburn roving wool hair glued all over her head and fastened in a bun in the back. Her nurse's cap is and old-fashioned cap with a red cross on the front and is attached to the top and back of her head.

Her slip is lace trimmed and gathered at the waist. Her blue striped nurse's uniform has a long, lace trimmed bodice and is gathered at the lower body. The puffy and full sleeves are gathered at the lined cuffs and shoulders. Her dress bodice is gathered at the neck and a white lined collar surrounds her neck.

Her white nurse's apron has a long front bib with lower pockets, gathered neck edge, and snug to her body fit. Her blue wool cape is lined, top stitched along the edges, wrapped around her neck and tied in a knot in the front. Janice is carrying her handy medical bag with a gold strap and red cross.

"Janice Nightingale - She's Always There For You!" is in charge of all the nurses for the worldwide emergency drill.

It is a HUGE job - but, Janice is very capable of doing this.

You see, she's a seasoned and profession nurse and has, basically, seen it all. Nothing rattles her. She is as calm and cool as a cucumber in the middle of a hurricane as she is standing at the blackboard and teaching. From her years in the field and in the military to her current position at the Red Cross Teaching Hospital there isn't any medical emergency Janice can't handle.

Been there - yup!

Done that - yup!

She's always there and ALWAYS ready to help.

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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